Nothing Sheepish About This Colorful New Game

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Nestled among the Gears of War, Halo 4, and League of Legends at PAX East is an obscure independent game called Color Sheep. This simple yet provocative game couples dexterity with basic color wheel knowledge gained in elementary school art class. Its addictive quality stems from the desire to save the sheep from famished wolves intent on devouring the wooly innocent. This game requires the player to combine different color schemes, with light or dark tints to match the wolves’ colors, to obliterate the big baddies and save the sheep. Once the right color combinations are achieved, a streak of light emits from the sheep’s mouth, annihilating the wolves, sending their naked skulls flying. As the game continues, the color combinations get tougher and tougher, making the player wish they had more fingers on their left hand.

This game will invoke shear (see what I did there?) delight. Trinket Studios has a whole host of sheep games. It makes you wonder whether Eric (the artist), Tom (programmer), or Ben (programmer) were ever shepherds in a former life. Their deep affinity for all things wooly has created a great, addictive, fun, affordable game that anyone can play (this game is available for ios on google play for a mere $0.99).

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Lynn.

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