Streamer Spotlight: Twitch Affiliate, @KingD707

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“Everyone has a story and the stories make for great streams of laughter and joy.” -KingD707

One of the toughest things about starting a new Twitch, Beam, or Hitbox streaming channel is getting a steady flow of new members to one’s gaming community. It doesn’t matter if your numbers are small, medium, or large, the struggle is still the same. But with the help and support from stream teams, groups, Discord communities, or other streaming guilds, there are a lot of different avenues one can take to help achieve one’s level of success.

Like many streamers, I am a small channel, but I have had tremendous support from small and larger Twitch streams. That said, I have decided to start a Streamer Spotlight feature on my website here at The aim is to help smaller streamers get some exposure, even if it’s just a little. This weekly spotlight will feature some smaller streamers that I know, but hopefully this idea will gain enough steam to venture out and find other content creators.

This week’s victim, however, is a guy named Dustin, but you may know him as KingD707. I sent him a few questions about his broadcasting experience thus far and this is his response:

Tim: When did you start streaming on Twitch?

KingD: I started streaming in July of 2015 after some encouragement from Pootie33.

Tim: What is your favorite game to stream?

KingD: Currently it’s Battlefield 1, but give me CoD WAW always makes me have fun.

Tim: What is the story behind your Twitch channel name?

KingD: I’ve always been known as Dirty D and I wanted to get away from that. It is more fitting with my dirty sense of humor, but I’ve always been more of a King.

Tim: What is your favorite thing you enjoy about broadcasting on Twitch?

KingD: The family you make from interconnecting with viewers and streamers. Everyone has a story and the stories make for great streams of laughter and joy.

Tim: What is the most challenging part about streaming?

KingD: For me it’s not being super focused on the game while trying to read chat and respond to everyone making them feel like they are apart of the show.

Tim: What does the “D” stand for in your name?

KingD: Dustin. Shorten it up for more of a pop when you say it.

Tim: Which console do you prefer?

KingD: Oddly the Xbox One. I started my MP gaming on PS3 and switch to the 360 at the release of MW3. The community to me is better, more rushers compared to campers.

Tim: I know you are an avid beer drinker like me, so when it’s been a rough day, what beer do you go with?

KingD: Mmm beer. Give me an IPA or a Arrogant Bastard Double Bastard Ale. 11.0% by volume is a nice relaxing night.

Tim: I’m a sports guy, specifically college sports, do you have a favorite team?

KingD: Ohio State Buckeyes baby all day every day!!!

Tim: What advice would give new streamers?

KingD: Pick a game and pick a schedule. The fan base will trickle in slowly but you’ll build that over time. Don’t expect success over night and don’t get discouraged if no one shows up. It will take some time, but a few sites on the net might help out.

Twitter: @KingD707 // Instagram: KingD707 // Twitch: KingD707



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